Dr.DameraVijayalaksmi provides advanced and specialized services as a certified counsellor in Dermatoglyphic Neural Architecture (DNA) Analysis to help bring Awareness, Realisation and Transformation in people who have challenges in life.


To make each person happier from inside based on their own mental makeup. To understand their basic genetic endowment of thinking process.


To be able to reach out worldwide for people to understand themselves better and use SOS as a resource centre to gain strength and solace.

Dermatoglyphics Biometric Analysis Reveals The Functioning Of The Brain!

Dermatoglyphics is a scientific study of fingerprints and skin ridges, which reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. It reveals how our brain processes information.

Latest innovative tool to get closer to discovering your inborn neural architecture!!!

  • Discover an individual’s natural talent and potential.
  • Understand an individual’s learning styles & behaviour.
  • • Lead & guide an individual based on his needs & his personality type.

Your Brain Dermatoglyphic Neural Architecture (DNA) Report reveals

  1. Left vs. Right brain control
  2. Five Brain Lobes functioning.
  3. Quantitative Chart of Neo Cortex in Dermatoglyphics assessment.
  4. Multiple Quotient Distribution Chart (EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ).
  5. TFRC & Learning Capacity
  6. Execution & Thinking Style
  7. Four Bird Personalities
  8. Whole Brain Learning /Communication Style.
  9. Preferred Learning Style (V.A.K.).
  10. Multiple Intelligence Ranking.
  11. Holland’s Theory of Personality & Work Management types.
  12. Academic choice for Career Development
  13. Top three Career Guide with respect to Multiple Intelligence


Two step Solution Plan
1. Case History taking 5 mts
2.Need based Counselling 1 hr
Five steps to Permanent Success and Happiness plan in three hours
1.Case History taking 5 mts
2.Assessment (Biometric Scan)5 mts
3.Analysis1 hr
4.Therapeutic Counselling1 hr
5.Follow up (need based)1 hr

Dr.DameraVijayalakshmi, a refined Psychologist, Educationist & Trainer, provides personalized assessment & counselling with meaningful insights based on her 30 years of experience in counselling people from different walks of life. She offers Solutions for life, be it child, youth, career, marital, family and other areas of challenge!

Awareness! Realisation! Transformation!