About Founder

Success Strategist, Dr. Damera Vijayalakshmi is a Psychologist (Ph.D. (Psy.)), Educationist(Ph.D.(Edn.)), NLP Practitioner(NFNLP, USA), Career Counsellor (GCC, USA), Pranic Healer (M.Pr. H.), Advocate (LLM), Service minded (Lions International, Eye Bank, Multi Organ Foundation), a Socialiteand a consultant wellness and life coach.

A tireless andtarget oriented personality who is a simple yet dynamic personality who embraces change, adventure and the unknown. Dr. DameraVijayalakshmi is a bundle of attraction and energy that pulls people out of the rut and, inspires in them values of individuality and social participation.Dr. DameraVijaylakshmi’s associative nature is a welcome sign to people in her circle for long term reaffirmations. As a persona she loves people, travel, philosophy, work and fine living.

Dr.DameraVijayalaksmi’s rationalizedinsight into an individual’s thought process and past experiences, along with good intentionedhonesty, work as well as sugar coated bitter pills in psychological assessment, counselling and therapy leading todesired visible resultsin her clients. Her fundamental nature of working hard makes her a long term resource to people associated with her. Dr. DameraVijayalakshmi’s generosity, loyalty and classy attitude drive people towards her for a variety of queries and help.Her one shot single attempt successful counselling sessions bring word of mouth references and publicity.

Dr.DameraVijayalaksmi also provides advanced and specialized services as a certified counsellor in Dermatoglyphic Neural Architecture (DNA)Analysis to help bring Awareness, Realisation and Transformation in people with any challenge in life.

Her other popular and well appreciated areas of counselling in all segments throughout life whichinclude different stages such as infancy, childhood, adolescence,adulthood, middle age and geriatric issues. Her proven skills in counselling children on various issues such as school refusal, confidence building, lifestyle influence and the like are noteworthy. Counselling adolescents on peer pressure, emotional wrongs, rights and balance, lack of concentration, de-addiction, love and relationships are other appreciated and well recognized areas. Lot of parents and children find Dr. DameraVijayalakshmi down to earth and nurturing apart from being communicative, evolutionary and jovial. Her concept of Inclusive Parenting is appreciated and liked by parents and children alike. Preparing for responsibility and acceptance in marriage is another sought after preparatory counselling for girls and young couples planning marriage. Her ability to quickly and easily resolve marital issues by looking at both the partners’ viewpoints and coming to a mutual agreement on terms and conditions with a give and take policy between the couple is her speciality. Anxiety, depression, relationship issues and post retirement redundancy and loneliness are some of the popular areas in counselling among elderly couples. As an educationist her teacher training skills are commendable too. To put it in a nutshell she deals with all areas of challenges from womb to tomb successfully.

Dr.Damera Vijayalakshmi’s organization Strategies Options Solutions (SOS)based in the smart city of Kakinada is a true social asset for the locals incorporated about two decades ago (2002). With humble beginnings, since 1986 her social contributions have come a long way and much into the public eye and appreciation.SOS, Kakinada is in the business of professional consultancy and training; psychological counselling; career counselling; educational and developmental programs to institutions and corporate organizations. Dr. DameraVijayalakshmi’s life and work serve as a constant source of encouragement for the ever-changing needs of the society. Dr. Vijayalakshmi’s excitement for personal,professional and social victory makes her express herself in varied ways and help the common man from all walks of life toachieve in their own desired wayto attain SUCCESS along withHAPPINESS.

Dr. Damera Vijayalakshmi has a passion for travelling and visiting places which are rich in culture and tradition. Her passion to meet people and constantly know about different personalitiesalso makes her a porous personality absorbing different attitudes and mind-sets. She also has a passion to work towards rehabilitating people from any strata of society which includes even drug users or hard core criminals. Her desire to change people in an easy manner by understanding their true innate basic good nature make her remedial measures simple yet represent connecting strategies to aid them to self-discovery and progress.

Awareness! Realisation! Transformation!