Finishing School

Impress is a finishing schools for girls that emphasis training in cultural and social activities. The name reflects that it follows on from ordinary school and is intended to complete the educational experience, with classes primarily on etiquette.The 21st century has been a century of changes in every sphere of humanity. These changes have hugely influenced the home front. Escalating divorce cases, marital discords, adjustment problems with the in-laws is a proof of this change. Every woman from a newly married young woman, a career oriented executive or even a homemaker is been affected by this change. This is where IMPRESS works as a beacon of hope for these young girls. Our motto is to bring forth the qualities in these young girls and help them to maintain a balance in their professional and personal life. We groom them in every sphere related to their personal and professional life, ranging from being a good homemaker to an efficient mother and a go getting executive.

Impress is finishing schools for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities. The name reflects that it follows on from ordinary school and is intended to complete the educational experience, with classes primarily on etiquette and self management skills.

Impress, is an endeavor started with the vision of enhancing holistic development of brides to be and equip them with domestic and social skills for sustained performance and success at in laws residence.

In our finishing school we teach you the various aspects which are very useful in our daily life and which help you to change as Complete Lady, Confident Bride, Successful Mother, and Perfect Hostess.

These programs are labeled as 4 sectors namely

  • Fashion Etiquette

     Developing a Style  Art of dressing  Body Language  Personal grooming  Wardrobe Management  Closet Audit  Image Enhancement  Portfolio Management

  • Fitness Management

     Yoga  Aerobics  Dance

  • Good Housekeeping

     Dealing with the in laws  Understanding the Husband  Satisfying Parents  Marital tips

  • Self Development

     Self Confidence  Attitude Management  Social Skills  Art of Responsibility  Multi Tasking  Time Management

  • Home Management

     Home Economics  Diet and Nutrition  Mother Craft  Parenting skills  Health and Hygiene

  • Good Housekeeping

     Interior Decoration  Multi cuisine cooking  Vegetable carving  Flower arrangement  Food presentation  Dining Etiquette  Cocktail Etiquette  Party Etiquette

  • Home Management

    Home Economics: Home Economics is a generic term used to teach a variety of skills, usually to females, on how to run a household on a day-to-day basis. Topics covered are such things as cooking, cleaning, sewing, financial training, family care, child rearing, first aid, and smart shopping.

    Diet and Nutrition: A balanced diet comprising of diverse and nutritious food is key to promoting good health. We suggest you the best nutritious diet tips while ensuring overall well being, helps to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), reduces the risk of several debilitating diseases like cancer, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, osteoporosis and stroke. Thus a nutritious & healthy diet is important in the prevention and cure of various diseases.

    Mother Craft: Mother Craft is the skill of looking after children as a mother. We work closely with families to provide the supports they need, including childcare for children ages 6 months to 5 years and above, care on children health, enrichment programs for parents on their children of different ages.

    Parenting skills: Probably the most important and controversial parenting skill is discipline. Appropriate discipline for a two year-old might not be effective for a 10 year-old or a teenager. We give tips to parents who are conflicted over their children and what type of discipline to apply at what time.

    Health and Hygiene: Hygiene is an essential component of healthy living and preventing disease. Not just selecting the right food choices but also cooking and consuming them in a hygienic way is equally important in preventing the infectious diseases. We guide them how to prevent infections and chronic diseases by right choice of cooking and keeping their environment hygiene. service minded and an agent of transformation.

    Fashion Etiquette

    Developing a Style: We teach you how to develop your own signature style, clothing style and suggest you what are the changes to make. Remember we cannot change our bodies, but we can change our looks and our approaches to fashion.

    Art of dressing: Art of dressing will represent your mind set and behavior, so it should be done in positive way to reflect a right attitude. We give training on selection of dressing according to your body and mentality.

    Body Language: Body Language is therefore very relevant to management and leadership, and to all aspects of work and business where communications can be seen and physically observed among people. Your own body language reveals your feelings and meanings to others. So there is need to correct your body language.

    Personal grooming: This skill is essential in many facts of modern life. We help you to develop the pillars of a polished image: grace, elegance, strength and confidence. our shop includes understanding your body type, personal shopping, social media manners, personal coaching, developing positive attitude, make up techniques and color , manicure and hair care, photo shoot techniques etc.

    Wardrobe Management: Here we discuss about the basic wardrobe essentials and benefits including how to hang your cloths, achieve grate variety, better organized and usage, finally how you make them easy to find.

    Closet Audit: The Closet Audit gives you complete order and clarity to your wardrobe and reveals your upcoming needs. We'll systematically go through your current wardrobe and weed out whatever doesn’t fit, flatter or make you fabulous.

    Image Enhancement: This section will teach you to bring out the best in your physical attributes your skin, your hair, your cloth; all these which need for your attention.

    Portfolio Management: It is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice in your life. We make you to present your accomplishments and skills, using them to your advantage. We make portfolio for you to elaborate on the sections of your resume of which you are most proud, and suggest you what to include additional information about yourself that is relevant to your required field.

    Self Development

    Self Confidence: Self-confidence is the first step to progress, development, achievement and success, even if you have a lot of abilities and knowledge. We make you confident by changing some aspects like Sharp Dressing , Fast Walking, Good Posture, Gratitude, Complimenting other people, Sit in the front row, Speak up, Work out, Focus on contribution etc.

    Attitude Management: When you manage people, your attitude plays a major role in how well you, as a manager, will perform. With the right attitude you can accomplish anything you want to and so can the people you supervise. We guide how you can change your attitude and improve the performance of your subordinates.

    Social Skills: Social skills are most often thought of as a set of skills that allow people to communicate, relate and socialize with others. They often are the way others determine a person's status, consider people as potential friends or mates, and consider them for employment or promotions in the workplace.

    Art of Responsibility: Everyone should fulfill their responsibility in different aspects in their day to day lift. We suggest tips to complete your work in more responsible manner.

    Multi Tasking: The ability to execute more than one task at in this modern world.

    Time Management: Time management strategies are often associated with the recommendation to set personal goals. We give the tips of time management system with designed combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods.

    Good Housekeeping

    Interior Decoration: Interior Decorating refers to the decorating and furnishing of interior spaces in homes, offices, schools, and public spaces. We guide you with all aspects of lighting, color, texture, paint, furniture purchase and placement, flooring selection and installation, fabric installations, window treatments, and accessories.

    Multi cuisine cooking: Different nations have their own distinct food recipes that they can boast of. Any good dish is liked and loved all over the world and different food recipes have won the hearts of people who are lovers of food. We provide tips and guide how cook different varieties of food.

    Vegetable carving: The purpose of fruit and vegetable carving is to make food more attractive, more appetizing, and also easier to eat. The accomplished homemaker welcomes her guests with fruit carefully pared, seeded, and perhaps cut into bite-size slices depending on the type.

    Flower arrangement: Enhancing the beauty of Flowers with artistic arrangement is the art of Flower Arrangements. Flower Arrangements are an important part of the ambience on any occasions like weddings, birthdays, parties, or any other events in life.

    Food presentation: Serving the food is not much important but representing the food in an artistic way is important. We provide tips and teach the better way of food representation.

    Dining Etiquette: Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. They are visible signals of the state of our manners and therefore are essential to professional success. The point of etiquette rules is to make you feel comfortable - not uncomfortable.

    Cocktail Etiquette: Cocktail parties are fun and social events. However, there are certain rules that must be followed by the attentive cocktail party guest. We give guidelines to get the most out of cocktail gatherings with some aspects like how to dress, mingling, eating, drinking and structure for conversation.

    Party Etiquette: we guide how to organize parties like tea party, get to gather, graduate party, welcome party on your own.

    Fitness Management

    Yoga: The physical benefits of yoga are myriad. Yoga keeps your body strong, as it involves all the muscles in your body to hold and balance yoga asana. The various yoga postures strengthen your feet, legs, hands, abdominals, lower back, legs, and shoulders.

    Aerobics: Aerobic exercise is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.

    Salsa: Salsa is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The dances share many of the same moves. In Salsa, turns have become an important feature; there will be many more side to side moves.

    Relationship Building

    Dealing with the in laws: Dealing with in-laws is tricky business most of the times. This makes them a crucial part of your life as well. No one ever said it was easy to balance your needs with the needs of others. So to make you free from such worries follow our tips and keep relations strong in extended families.

    Understanding the Husband: A good relationship with your husband can make your life much happier. Every couple has a fight that doesn’t? If there are couples who don’t fight at all I wouldn’t call them normal. We make you to avoid such fights with him and make your life supportive, lovable, generous, frustrating or full of judgment, understanding to each other.

    Satisfying Parents: Every human is blessed to get birth because of mother and father. It is not surprisingly, parents and their adult children often experience some problems in their relationships. But it our responsibility to maintain good relationship and keep them happy.

    Marital tips: In this session we give some tips and strategies to deal problems and to make you keen and clear regarding some situations which occur in women life before and after marriage.