Psychological Assessment & Counselling

Change is a continuous process. Everything we do, say, learn evolves as time passes. The technological, political, economical and social factors creates a degree of void in the fast paced galloping multitude in search of success and create a niche for themselves in this competitive world. Everyone wants to surge forward with an intention to prove their mettle and amass the materialistic gains. In this endeavor, to gain materialistic pleasures, mankind has lost an emotional and psychological balance. One finds more number of people suffering from stress, pressure, dysfunctional families, marital discords and a degree of insecurity in every strata of the society.

Keeping all these factors in mind S.O.S. a decade old organization dealing in finding solutions to above problems, has spread out its wings in Kakinada in a more innovative way. Its main focus is finding solutions to the prevailing problems among the genre of young and old alike.

We provide support services from conception to the last breathe to those desirous of such assistance. We at insight aim to give you a focus to life and help reorient a person back on to track. Utilizing our services does not necessarily mean that one is insane but we also cater to a normal group of people who face adjustment and other day to day problems.

We help you solve a problem and help to create conditions that will cause you to understand and/or improve your behavior, character, values or life circumstances.

We help you solve a problem and help to create conditions that will cause you to understand and/or improve your behavior, character, values or life circumstances. Counselling can and may take many different formats to bring a person to a better understanding of themselves and others. It can therefore be seen that counseling can be of beneficial to a person experiencing problems in finding, forming, and maintaining relationships. So, we solve problems with many kinds of counselling. We specialize in dealing with issues related to the following areas…….

Pediatric counselling

Children of today are sharper cognitively from birth owing to genetic factors, due to parenting practices or due to environmental factors. Both ways they are more susceptible to higher order feelings than those that where present in yesteryears and hence the demand for specialization in this area is flourishing. We need to provide a safe environment for children to explore their feeling and concerns, allowing them to fully participate in all aspects of life.

Adolescent counselling

Teenagers in India today are undergoing a transformation due to the urbanization and growth of multinational influence. This the age that they would like the support of somebody outside of their family and own network to help them to understand and make sense of the difficulties that they are experiencing. They may choose to talk, or they may use some of the creative mediums such as art, sand, clay, drama or story writing to help them to express themselves.It is also beneficial for those who are experiencing loss through parental separation or bereavement, low self esteem, peer related issues, abusive experiences, and any issue that the adolescent is struggling with.

Personal counseling

Career counselling advisors assess your interests, personality, values and skills; help you to explore career options & research graduate and professional schools. Teenagers who participate in career counseling classes and workshops benefit the most. Not only will they learn which careers they are most suited for, but they will also learn which jobs pay the most and even which companies to avoid. We improve many aspects such as personal strengths and limitations; clarify direction and priorities for the future, motivators and needs, self-presentation, career decisions with greater confidence, work-related stress, career plans, and resume development.

Marital counseling

A successful marriage is always a secret. We help you explore a few secrets to restore strengthen and formulate your own success formula. We help couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. We help you make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways. It includes both partners, but sometimes one partner can choose to work with a therapist alone. The specific treatment plan depends on the situation.We help you in giving best marriage guidance counselling, relationship counselling or pre marriage counseling. The counsellor aims to give you both equal time and attention. We help both by giving each a chance to get their side of the story across, without interruptions or rows and arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.

Family counseling

Any individual problem most often has its root from the family and hence solution requires family support too. Family counselling can help reduce conflict which means fewer rows at home and can help everyone cope better with their situation. Sometimes the conflict is caused by the inappropriate or unacceptable behavior of one or more members of the family. But it affects everyone. While we work with those individuals to try to help them with the cause of their actions, we also work with the entire family so they can provide support for that person and for each other, and to learn how to reduce the conflict.Family therapy can help with a wide range of problems like marital problems, divorce, substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment, behavior problems in children, families dealing with major mental illness or emotional disorders, patients and families who care for them etc

Organizational counselling

Organizational counselling research group focuses on the combination of knowledge and skills of counselling theories with organizational behavior in order to enhance human development in organizational setting and the related areas of personnel management, team building, performance enhancement, executive coaching, career development, training, and employee assistance programs.

Spiritual counselling

Destiny, supreme power, planetary influence, divinity, etc are all spiritual concepts which help us understand our inability to predict the reason for our misery or suffering. Bonding to god gives many a support and strength that no mortal man can render.

Spiritual counseling helps people to learn how to handle the challenges of daily life in relationship with God. Most of us are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as alone in the world. We are used to thinking that we need to figure things out on our own, and fight to survive.

Geriatric counselling

Geriatric Care Counseling is an independent professional service for the purpose of assisting older adults and their families in realistically assessing needs and creating personalized plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. We help the process of defining the needs of each senior and identifying the resources to best meet those needs. We take a holistic view of that individual's life, from his or her views on faith, illness, and finances, to housing and transportation issues.